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Bailey Bae

May 26, 2020

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Camming is becoming more and more popular as a way for girls to make some extra cash from home or while remote. While sites like OnlyFans are gaining traction, Chaturbate has been around for some time now and offers a different experience for users. On Chaturbate you will find a more traditional camming experience. You can expect larger volumes of traffic and a supportive and helpful community.  

Maybe you are new to camming or looking to switch from other sites like MyFreeCams. Chaturbate can be a bit of a different experience so I wanted to compile a list of some of my personal tips to help you get off on the right foot and be as successful as you can in the industry. Read ahead to get my top tips for killing it on Chaturbate. 


Tip 1: Maximize Being New

When you join Chaturbate you will receive a “new” label on your profile and you’ll have it for about a week. I can not stress enough how important it is to make the most of being new. When you get your new label you will get an influx of traffic from men looking specifically for who is new and exciting.  

This traffic won’t be around for long so make sure you are doing what you can to retain it. The number one thing you can do is simply remind people to follow you. This seems like a no brainer but I’ve seen so many girls completely forget to do this and then be shocked when their traffic starts to dry up.  

Ask for follows and then really lean into the whole being new thing. Guys seem to really get a kick out of girls that are fresh and inexperienced. Play up the whole innocent thing and you’ll find guys start throwing money your way.  

This is super important because once you stir up tips and your chat is very active the algorithm will start to favor you. If you’re new and you have a buzz around your profile you can likely get moved to page one. Page one is basically the home page so your traffic is likely to boom if you make it on there.  

Tip 2: Professional Branding 

If you’re coming from a site like My Free Cams you probably are familiar with a bot that helps put together professional-looking banners. Chaturbate doesn’t have that but there are simple workarounds you can use to have amazing banners.  

The importance of an amazing banner is that it highlights who you are and piques members’ interest. Guys want to see a hot show put on by a hot girl and if you don’t have a nice looking profile it’s going to be tough to get them in the door.  

I recommend using Canva. Canva is a super simple tool that is basically drag and drop. You can use their templates to make your banners, schedules, or any graphic you want on your profile. This is a little bonus tip but I use the width 850 for this site. I find that it helps format it nicely.   

Tip 3:  Social Media 

Nothing goes hand in hand with camming like a huge social media presence. Now that I’ve taught you how to make amazing graphics I’m going to teach you what to do with them. Create a twitter. Do it now.  

I can’t stress this enough. If I was starting over I would even use my Twitter to tease up into the launch of my camming account. Twitter is much more accepting of nudity and their hashtags help men find you and follow you.  

Even once you have started your shows use twitter to engage with your fans, let them know when you are going on live, and tease them with the excitement of upcoming shows. This boost in exposure is likely to help keep you at the top of the minds of your fans and remind them to come back for more.  

Tip 4: Tease Future Shows  

When it comes to retaining customers future shows is one of the best ways. I like to pull out a physical calendar and mark exactly what shows I want to do on which days. This helps me plan my marketing schedule to really build excitement for them  

I don’t like to do all my most amazing shows back to back. For one that’s exhausting but for two I want it to be a special experience I can build excitement for. I like to create special shows around the holidays 

Another thing I like to do is have a bit of a schedule so people know when to show up for my shows. I like to perform Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then I try to do the same time slots as well. This helps my regulars never miss a show and helps put money in my pocket. 

Tip 5: Use The Apps and Bots 

One of the coolest features about Chaturbate and the evolution of camming is the implementation of bots and apps. While they are optional to use I find them so helpful in my performances.   

The difference between the two are that apps can help you do things like count tokens while bots are more interactive and modify and analyze things in your chat. 

My favorite bot is called All In One. This bot is a great tool for filtering out users that you don’t want to have access to you are being inappropriate. You get to chose the words so fill it with whatever makes you uncomfortable and those messages won’t show in the chat.  

Another amazing app is Spin the Wheel. If you’re at all familiar with camming you know what spinning an actual wheel is something that a lot of girls do in their shows. This is exactly that but a virtual version. You can fill your wheel with whatever you want to do and change it as often as you like.  

The final bot I recommend is called Crazy Ticket. This app can actually help you make so much money. How it works is you get to set the price for tickets to your show. People that purchase tickets will be the only ones that can see it. Everyone else will still be able to read the chat and it drives them crazy no knowing what’s happening.  

Final Thoughts: 

I hope that this guide is super helpful to you and gets you on your way to a successful career in camming. Some girls can be intimidated when they start out but leverage that new girl badge to gain a loyal following and to make a ton of money. Have fun and happy camming.  

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